"With A Full Heart" Concert Film - Sneak Peek!

Well...I can't tell you how excited i am to release this Sneak Peek of something i am so proud of.  This record and concert film has been such a pleasure to release!  I have been able to share these songs with some of my favorite and most talented friends and they just took this whole project to the next level!  One thing people may not realize is that making a record or a concert film is certainly not a "solo" process.  It takes so many people to get these things up and running....from the musicians, engineers, webdesigners, art work design, photographers, videographers, live sound engineers, video editors, mastering engineers, and so on, and so on.  So when i say "I" am so excited...what i really mean is a "whole team of people" are excited to share these projects with you.  This being said...please take a minute and enjoy this preview to the "With A Full Heart" Concert Film!  A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to Hayzen Productions, Seawell Studios, Oak City Church, Creighton Peet, George Westberry, Matt Sickles, Joshua Reynolds, Doug Davis, Dave Moran, Carri Smithey, and many more who made this possible.

We have some really exciting news coming soon about the FULL VERSION of the Concert Film...so for now just enjoy the sneak peek!  Share it with your friends!  If you haven't purchased a copy of the record it's only one click away in the SHOP section of this website!

Thanks again for the constant support over the years!

Patrick Rock

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