"With A Full Heart" Concert Film has been recorded!!

Hello Everyone,

I am so excited to say that we have recorded a Concert Film for my latest record "With A Full Heart".  This has been in the works for awhile, and finally came to pass.  Sunday March 8th, 2020...Hayzen Productions captured a closed set performance of the entire record with multiple cameramen and some stationary cameras as well.  This is a Top Notch film experience in 4K and using a RED Cinema camera!  So excited to see the finished product...but I have to wait like everyone else.  The band consisted of Joshua Reynolds(my younger brother) on drums, George Westberry on bass, Matt Sickels on guitar, Doug Davis on piano,organ, and guitar, Dave Moran on backing vocals, Carri Smithey on backing vocals.  We filmed at Oak City Church in Greensboro, NC totally transforming the stage and just had a great time!  We will have more details soon...but at the moment the film is being edited and the music is also in editing, mixing, and then will be mastered.  exciting stuff...keep your eyes and ears open for this real soon!!



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