20th Year Anniversary Limited Edition "Recovering From Silence" Vinyl ** Now Available for Pre-Sale**

I am Beyond Excited to announce I have officially ordered a short run (100 records) of Recovering From Silence!!  It was origially released on cd September of 2002...now achieving it's 20 Year Anniversary staus.  This record was instrumental in helping us gain a broader audience and it really captured the musicianship of my great band mates.  I know alot of you have said this was the soundtrack to your college years, and i'm excited to give you the first vinyl i've ever printed for your collection!! 

Side A:

1. Perfect Day

2. Run, Run, Run

3. Broke My Heart

4. Mulberry Tree

5. Modern Day Love Song

6. Leave


Side B:

7. Freedom

8. Shine On You

9. Grace

10. Chemical Dependency

11. First Dance

12. Recovering From Silence  **Never Before Released**


This Record is slated to be delivered November 22nd, 2022...which is just days before our (20 year Anniversary Show at The Flat Iron in Greensboro, NC) on November 26th, 2022!  So Fingers crossed we don't come upon any delays in production!  Well "Pre-Sale" is now available here on my website...so happy shopping!!!


I will have more information and ticket options on the November 26th Show very soon...but i will tell you...It's gonna be a FANTASTIC NIGHT!!  Joshua Reynolds on Drums, Joey Barnes on Bass, and some very special guests as well!!  Stay Tuned!



Patrick Rock

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