About Patrick Rock:

Songwriter extraordinaire Patrick Rock has been writing, recording and performing for over 25 years, often taking on close to 250 shows every twelve months – a level of experience and passion that shines with stunning brightness throughout his music.


Patrick’s genuine approach to songwriting means that from his earliest EP release in 1997 – ‘All The Letters I Never Wrote’ – right through to his upcoming fifth studio album ‘With A Full Heart’, his songs connect on a profound and beautiful level. Confidence and vulnerability intertwine, offering a truly captivating listening experience, both on the records and indeed throughout his live shows.


Whether solo acoustic or backed with the vibrant embrace of a full band, Patrick’s warming and soulful pop-rock sound brings audiences a crisp and satisfying musicality. With ever-passionate vocals and consistently impressive, poetic songwriting, his music feels all at once pleasantly nostalgic, and refreshingly new.


In 2009, the project ‘When All Else Fails’, released under Nascent Republic Records, landed Patrick a sponsorship deal with Taylor Guitars and Elixer Strings, plus brand support from Miller Lite Beer. Several tracks were later featured in television shows – another huge step forwards for the hard-working artist.


With all this at his heels, the new album is set to be his greatest yet. An inherent love for the art-form and a clear ability to craft songs that connect and engage, means the music endlessly offers a unique and thoughtful experience – a fresh perspective, all-immersive escapism, and a fine opportunity to embrace the creativity of one of our generation’s most devoted and worthy artists.

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